"Gianfranco represents one of the most modern author of commercial films, able to take care of the TVC at 360° with great expertise and remarkable effects" Alicia M. Huberman | Cultframe 


The beginning (1976-1993)

Gianfranco was born in 1976 in a small town in the North of Italy.
Nobody in his family had any interest in the Arts, but Gianfranco quickly developed a frenzied love for photography and film, mainly influenced by Japanese animes and Spielberg / Lucas movies.
Gianfranco spent his childhood trying to learn on its own how to create animation and visual effects.
It was hard because there was no internet tutorial back then, so he was always looking for technical books and magazines to expand his knowledge.

During primary school, he learned how to use a reflex and he made stop-motion and animation films with a vintage 8mm camera.
Then in 1991, he began spending days and nights in front of his Commodore Amiga to craft CG images on the first "consumer" 3D software, like Real 3D and Lightwave 3D.
The processing power was so bad on his computer, that he waited hours just to visualize low-res renders of simple objects... but that didn't stop Gianfranco to pursue his passions.

Photographer, Journalist or VFX artist? (1994-2003)

In 1994 Gianfranco moved to Milan, after his high school graduation, to attend the Industrial Design College.
He handpicked that University, not to be a furniture designer, but because they had a high tech lab with Silicon Graphics workstations available to their students.
In fact, Gianfranco spent most of his time in that classroom, to learn Alias Power Animator and forgot about all the other courses.
To contribute for his tuition he started working as a photojournalist for Il Corriere Della Sera.
Then he got hired by Computer Gazette, the only professional publication about VFX and computer graphics in Italy. Gianfranco was in charge of testing and writing reviews about new hardware and software for the magazine.

In those years Gianfranco connected to some Italian VFX studios and got finally hired by Digitalia Graphics and Mediacube Studios.
Gianfranco was able to fulfill his dream to work on the post-production side of great feature films and commercials, collaborating with some of the best Italian directors like Pupi Avati, Mario Monicelli, Carlo Verdone, Guido Chiesa, Gabriele Salvatores and many more. 

Abstr^ct:Groove (2003-2007)

Watching amazing directors and producers at work, sparked the desire to become one of them!
So in 2003, Gianfranco co-founded Abstr^ct:Groove with Luigi Pane. The two met at College and they were great friends with common goals and complementary skills.
Working with Luigi was good for a while. 

Gianfranco learned a lot more about editing, directing and producing, while creating award-winning content for Diesel, Enel, Gianfranco Ferrè, 55dsl, Gas Jeans, Replay and Morellato.

London Calling (2007-2009)

In 2007 Gianfranco needed a new challenge and decided to leave his own company and Country.
He moved to London, looking for a big breakthrough in his directing career and gave birth to his alter ego: Director Kobayashi.
This name represents his love for cult movies (lawyer Kobayashi is one of his favorite characters in "The Usual Suspects") and Japanese animation.
Under this new identity Gianfranco crafted some iconic spec commercials, like the "Sony Bravia - Play-Doh", "Smirnoff - Matrioska Invaders" and "Greenpeace - World Aid" that put Kobayashi on the radar of International agents, production companies and press.

During the same years, Gianfranco worked full time at Cinesite in London, taking part to the visual effects of - the Best VFX Oscar winner - "The Golden Compass", "Hellboy II", "Bedtime Stories" and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

Director Kobayashi Srl (since 2009)

In 2009 Gianfranco moved back to his hometown in the North of Italy.
There he founded Director Kobayashi Srl, a full-fledged Italian production and post-production company with his partner and fiancé Simona Dressino.

Since Director Kobayashi was established Gianfranco directed / produced / written / edited / post-produced innovative content worldwide for brands like Sony, Yamaha, Huawei, Toyota, Chebanca!, Fiat, Pepsi, Ing Bank, Samsung, Mulino Bianco, Italian Railways, Ansaldo Group, Guess, Keglevich, Ubi Banca, Siemens, Finish, Pampers, Leroy Merlin, Codatronca, Saint Gobain.

Only for the Weekend ( 2015-2016)

In 2015 Gianfranco wrote / directed / produced a full feature film: "Only for the Weekend".
Starring some of the biggest Italian stars like Alessandro Roja, Matilde Gioli and Stefano Fresi, the film has been co-produced by Marco Cohen at Indiana Production (Milan - Italy) and announced by Universal Pictures in December 2014 during the event "Giornate del Cinema" in Sorrento (Italy).

The movie got great critical success and was in the Official Selection of the Festival Des Films Du Monde and Festa Del Cinema Di Roma.

It was also released on Sky Cinema Network in July 2016.


2006 - Italian Video Clip Awards - BEST EDITING - “Go Down” - Housekeepers (Milan - Italy) 
2008 - Cut And Paste - Finalist (Milan - Italy) 
2009 - Digital Artist Award - Animation Category - for Sony Bravia “Play-Doh London” (London - UK) 
2014 - Young Innovative Entrepreneur Award (Brescia - Italy) 
2015 - Montreal World Film Festival (Festival Des Films Du Monde) - Official Selection 
2015 - Rome Film Festival (Festa Del Cinema Di Roma) - Official Selection


AIR3 (Italian Directors Guild)
ADCI (Art Directors Club Italia) 
WGI (Writers Guild Italia)


Director Kobayashi work was featured on International websites, TV networks, magazines and newspapers, like Sky Networks, RAI, Il Sole 24 Ore, La Stampa, Il Corriere Della Sera, Bad Taste, Coming Soon, Vanity Fair, My Movies, Computer Arts, IDN, 3D World, CG Plus, Fubiz, Shots, Boards Mag, Stash, Brand Republic, Adweek Talent Gallery, Design Taxi.


Gianfranco Gaioni has been a key speaker at International events like OFFF (Lisbon), KL Design Week (Kuala Lumpur), Pause Fest (Melbourne) and Cinesummit (Israel).