Show Don't Tell / Ripomatic Manifesto

Show Don't Tell
Ripomatic Manifesto

This is not a real commercial. 
This is a pitch film, a Steal-o-Matic.
The virtual solution to visualize the script.
From page to screen.

Successful agencies use this approach to pitch their ideas to clients. 
This happens more than I thought... I suppose it helps to win.
More and more creative directors asked me to be involved in their pitching.

I enjoy this kind of collaboration.
First I have the opportunity to work with the most talented individuals in the industry.
I love diving into their epic scripts. Finding the best way to translate words into emotions for the screen.
Plus, all the efforts I put on visual research, actually amplify my directing skills, train my eye, finesse my edits.
Each project has a short turnaround time.
It keeps me at the top of my game. 
It's like a training program between my directing gigs.
And I would like to do it even more.

I made this "demo" based on a fake script (derived from this real COMMERCIAL), to pitch you my idea.
When I'm involved in an agency pitch I must be fully confidential.
I will never say which CDs / agencies I work with or take any credit for it.

If you are a creative director and you are looking for a multi-skilled visual consultant for your next pitch... just get in touch with me.


How many ideas make a creative?
How many clients to clock out?
How many is enough?
A hundred.
A thousand.
Truth is,
enough is not a number.
It's a provocation,
to defy temptation,
push through pain,
resist desire.
Dismiss exhaustion.
It's the refusal to accept,
that the last pitch is,
the last pitch.