Weightless / Feature Film

Weightless is a feature film about love, people and broken dreams. It explores different perceptions of reality, showing that possibly all our lives are connected and maybe each one of us is just dreaming all the time.

Jenny – Justine Wachsberger
Thomas – Gabriel Ackermann
Paul – Damon Sementilli

Directed by Director Kobayashi
Production company: Mooncastle Entertainment / Director Kobayashi
Produced by Jerome Berrebi / Gianfranco Gaioni
Written by Gabriel Ackermann
DoP: Scott Toler Collins
Edited by Gianandrea Tintori
Art direction by Art of Sool
Music by Stefano Milella
Costume Design: Ernesto Mameli


Drama Action Fantasy SciFi Comedy


Jenny, engaged and very much in love with her fiance, gets stuck in an elevator with a perfect stranger.
That is Thomas, a cold and arrogant novel writer.
They immediately clash... but the circumstance leads the two to slowly drop their act and...