Boasting over two decades of experience in the spheres of Advertising, Editing, Visual Effects, Photography, and Animation, Gianfranco Gaioni (aka Director Kobayashi) excels as a versatile live-action, animation, and VFX director. His mastery in the field has been acknowledged with numerous prestigious industry awards.

Gianfranco Gaioni's career took off in Italy and later flourished in the United Kingdom, where he made significant contributions to blockbuster films. During his time in the UK, Gianfranco had the opportunity to work at Cinesite on notable projects such as "The Golden Compass" and "Hellboy 2." These films, known for their intricate visual effects, provided him with valuable experience and allowed him to showcase his talents on a larger scale. Gianfranco's involvement in these blockbuster productions further solidified his reputation as a skilled VFX artist, elevating his status in the industry and paving the way for his successful career as a versatile director.

Following his experience in the VFX industry, Gianfranco Gaioni transitioned into becoming an advertising film director. He initially found representation with Stink in the United Kingdom and soon established himself as a highly sought-after director, receiving opportunities to work with esteemed brands worldwide. Gianfranco's diverse clientele speaks to his versatility and reputation in the industry. His impressive roster of brands includes Amazon, Porsche, Samsung, Siemens, Diesel, Edison, Iveco, Huawei, Toyota, Pepsi, Enel, and many others.

In each project Gianfranco undertakes, his passion for the arts, music, and moving images shines through, infusing his work with vibrant energy and creativity. He finds immense joy in his profession, considering the act of creating and delivering impactful campaigns a significant accomplishment in itself. Gianfranco's ability to channel his passion into his projects has undoubtedly contributed to his success as a respected advertising film director.

In 2014 Gianfranco Gaioni directed and produced his first feature film: the Italian comedy "Only for the Weekend." This delightful film demonstrates his adeptness at navigating the intricacies of comedic storytelling, resulting in a refreshing and highly entertaining experience for the audience. The film's inclusion in the official lineups of the prestigious 2015 Montreal Film Festival and the 2015 Rome Film Festival speaks volumes about its quality and Gianfranco's directorial acumen.

Following its national theatrical release, "Only for the Weekend" continued to make waves as it aired on Sky Network for an entire year, garnering significant recognition. Gianfranco's skilled direction and meticulous attention to detail shine through in this production, as he expertly captures the essence of the story, breathing life into the comedic moments with impeccable timing and visual flair. The film serves as a testament to Gianfranco's ability to deliver engaging and memorable cinematic experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Gianfranco also lent his expertise to significant events, acting as a keynote speaker at Offf and Kuala Lumpur Design Week. Furthermore, his influential presence in the industry has led to features in esteemed design and advertising publications, including Shots, 3D World, CG Plus, Brand Republic, GoMotion Magazine, and more.

Gianfranco Gaioni, Stefano Fresi, Francesca Inaudi and Alessandro Roja

Gianfranco Gaioni and Matilde Gioli at the 2015 Rome Film Festival
Gianfranco Gaioni ADCI Awards
Gianfranco Gaioni on the set of