Better Call Koba / Ripomatic

"Better call Koba" is a rip-o-matic to promote my visual research, editing and post-production skills.
It's a short promo made without shooting any clip, or recording any sound.
Everything was "ripped off" from other films or generated with AI.
In the last 5 years, I got a lot of requests for this kind of work, mainly from Italian advertising agencies, but I wanted to create a piece to promote my work to new clients, specially abroad.


Idea and script by Kobayashi

Visual research, editing, sound design, mix, grading, post-production by Kobayashi

One Plus Nord 3 - Exit
Hub Spot - And That's why we use Hub Spot
Service Now - Questions
Little Ceasars - Best thing since sliced bread
Miike Snow - Genghis Khan
Algovir - Storm
Kit Kat - Alien invasion
Canal+ - The Idea
Damso - 911
Benedictino Water - Office
State Farm - Like a good neighbaaa

Voice-over recording made with AI voice generator and original dialogue and music extracted with AI sound/dialogue isolators.