Napoca / Ice Cream Factory

A magical film set in a fantasy ice cream factory for the Heartbrand in Romania.

Client: Unilever
Brand: Napoca (Heartbrand - Romania and Bulgaria)
Agency: Friends (Bucharest)
Production Company: Commitet (Bucharest)

Directed by Kobayashi

Soundtrack: Stefano Milella

Art department / concept design: Art of Sool (Marco Cominini, Claudio Cretti, Nicola Fedriga)

3D VFX artist: Dirk Bialluch
3D VFX artist: Michele Fabbro
3D animator: Gianfranco Gaioni
3D shader and lighter: Kay Poprawe
3D modeler: Marco Windrich

2D supervisor: Carlo Scaduto
2D compositor / matte painter: Emanuele Comotti
2D compositor / matte painter: Gianfranco Gaioni

Post-Production Supervisor Kobayashi

Packshot Animation by Commitet (Bucharest)