OMG / Teaser


Directed, Animated, Edited by Director Kobayashi
Written by Nick Neim

A collaboration between Oh My Girls and Director Kobayashi to tease the launch of the minting and staking phase of the OMG NFT.

About OMG

OMG is a collection created by Nick Neim for the metaverse!
OMG celebrates the femininity in all its shape and expression revealing women for their strength, resilience and charisma and it is inspired by some exclusive already-existing masterpieces of Nick Neim and it will include new unpublished art works. ‍


About About Director Kobayashi

Director Kobayashi is the studio founded by Gianfranco Gaioni and Simona Dressino in 2009 to craft great films from start to finish. They work on projects for huge and tiny brands, always putting the same passion and love into what they do.