Solo per il Weekend / Feature Film

SOLO PER IL WEEKEND (Only for the Weekend)

TAGLINE: All your life can change in a weekend 

World Premiere - OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montreal World Film Festival - 28 Aug 2015

Italian Premiere - OFFICIAL SELECTION - Festa del cinema di Roma / Alice nella Città - 17 Oct 2015

GENRE: Comedy / Action

A film by Director Kobayashi

Produced by Director Kobayashi and Indiana Production

Main cast: Alessandro Roja, Stefano Fresi, Matilde Gioli, Francesca Inaudi, Malik Bernhardt, Pia Engleberth, Marina Rocco, Walter Leonardi, Jake La Furia.


It may seem like Las Vegas, but it's Milan. Aldo Broggi, a copywriter addicted to psychiatric drugs, get dumped by his sexually unsatisfied wife.
That's when he will meet an old criminal friend of his, who will get everybody involved in all sorts of shenanigans, completely out of control.
Illegal gambling houses, sexy women, mysterious briefcases, swimming pools. 
Total madness? No, just Milan.